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64E to 64D transition (Drum)

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I'm 2 months into the 64E course and myself and 2 other WOs got verbals to Fort Drum. As far as we know there aren't any 64Es at Drum as of now.

anyone here currently at Drum? If so, how long would transition be. Rumors around Rucker has it that they are next in line to start getting E models, is that true? Also, what about housing? Not familiar with the area (good neighborhoods) and would like to stay off post if possible.

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Theyll probably just stick you as a platoon leader in a 60 company or some BS. Welcome to Army Aviation, sucks to suck nerd.


PS: JK, Im not at drum but that same rumor was swirling around rucker when I was there like 2.5 years ago. Last I was at Drum, circa 2012, there were some good places to live off post if you didnt mind driving. Sackets Harbor was nice, and Alexandria Bay. Probably avoid anything within a 25 minute drive though.

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I had a house 5 minutes from the gate in a great neighborhood next to a county forest. There's plenty of good options very close to post whether you want to live in town or out of it. When looking at your living options make sure to reference them from the airfield gate not the main post gates. A 5 minute drive from the main gate can be a 20+ minute drive from the airfield gate.


I enjoyed West Carthage for the year I lived there, and we lived near Felts Mills for the other 4 years at Drum. Lots of friends lived scattered throughout the area from Lowville all the way up to Alexandria Bay. I caution you when orienting to the area to consider driving home in whiteout conditions. That 30 minute drive can turn into a slog and post doesn't usually shut down unless it gets really bad.


If you're looking to buy and are not from somewhere that is cold and gets a lot of snow, I recommend renting or living on post for your first year before trying to buy up there. It'll give you a good idea of what you want/need from a house. Probably a good idea anyway as a few of my friends made the mistake of living too far from post and regretted it.


My wife and I really loved living there. The winters are long but the summers are incredible.

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