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Depth Perception Test - Flight Physical

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I did my physical at MEPS today and took the depth perception test with it.


It was the test with the 5 black circles and you have to pick out which circle stands out... I was shocked at how difficult this was as my vision has always been good. Somehow I was able to pass it but if I were to take this test again, I would maybe pass 1 in every 3 tries.


Is there a depth perception test for the Army Flight Physical? Is it the same as MEPS with the circles?

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Its not just you.


I just had my flight physical and the depth perception was surprisingly hard.


My initial test had 4 dots, same setup, one of these is not like the others. I struggled at around the 6th of 9 questions. My gal was super kind and fetched a version with only 3 dots so that I could get 9/9 questions. She metaphorically held my hand through the last 3 questions. She said it was not uncommon to struggle with the later questions.


If you passed at MEPS I wouldnt sweat it.

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you'll definitely be doing the depth perception test during flight physical. I also have always had great vision, naturally 20/10 in both eyes on my last doctors visit but I did consider the depth perception test very challenging. The dots are the hardest ones, I breeze through every other depth perception category in the book.


I believe mine were 5 sets of circles for each line. It gets progressively harder. I breezed through lines 1,2,3 4, and 5 and then slowed down for lines 6-10 to the point where the doc kept saying, "well... which one is it?".

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On 12/17/2018 at 3:16 PM, jcg7340 said:

Thanks all for the replies. I have done some research and apparently they have something called Vision Therapy which claims to help improve Depth Perception. I am going to look into it more. I will post if it helps or not.

Hey so did you ever try that Vision Therapy? What were the results???

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