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SERE before Rucker and WOCS

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well, lets put it this way... Some guys in my WOCS class had attended SERE prior to WOCS. They arrived at their duty stations before the holidays, I'm at least 5 months away from graduation. they literally started WOBC the week after WOCS and common core before block leave 2018. they were flying month and a half after WOCS (December) and most of us didn't start IERW until april-may. so yeah it might be the difference of you getting out of here in a year instead year and a half.

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Its all about timing. I had a few guys in my WOBC class that are prior SERE and will be classing up into common core before me. In the mean time, youll do some details and probably work the easiest days youll ever work in the Army. To answer your question, there really is no benefit other than classing up into common core earlier and finishing your time at Rucker earlier.

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