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Questions About the Army Flight Physical for Packet

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Hello. I am longtime lurker, but 1st time poster.

I was wondering what the Flight Physical is like? What type of test do they do, etc. Also, I was approved for my medical waiver after I went to MEPS. I had a labrum tear in my shoulder that was repaired my arthroscopy in 2011. My recruiter told me I got all 1s on the assessment. I didn't get a chance to ask him what that means, so if someone knows about that I'd appreciate any explanations.

Would I have to be approved for another waiver to pass my flight physical? Or is the waiver I was approved for after going to MEPS also apply for my flight physical?

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It will consist of limb measurements, hearing, dental, vision (in depth including dialation and topography), blood and urine samples, and a quick range of motion and physical exam.


Things that might DQ you can be found here



Waivers are more a method of tracking problems than allowing disqualified people to fly. You can have a waiver for very small yhings.

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