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WOFT - Is there even a chance?


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I spoke with a recruiter last week and am pretty dead-set on WOFT. Recruiter seems optimistic too, but I've also been lurking this forum for a while and am second guessing my chances. My background check hasn't come back yet.


Negative Background:

About 6 speeding tickets older than 15 years ago.

3 Accidents, 1 at fault, 2 not at fault

1 Reckless Driving in 2010

20/20 vision with slight astigmatism in one eye(right at cutoff point)


Positive Background:

B.S. Degree

Eagle Scout

Management Experience



I haven't taken the SIFT, PT or physical yet, but I'm confident to get a 270+ and do what I need to to get the SIFT score.


What are the chances for any waivers of above. 90% of the tickets were as a minor except the reckless driving, but again that was also 8 years ago and I've had nothing on my record since. I'm 32 and pushing the age cutoff but the recruiters are trying to push me through the pipeline as fast as possible to get in prior to 33.


Thanks for all the help and any advice.


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