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Hi all,


I graduated WOCS class 19-08 as a street to seat candidate, and as a little tip, the TAC officers will treat you the same as the E-7/E-8's in your class. They will expect you to go into this class physically ready, and just as prepared for the fun to come as anyone else.


That being said, have fun with it, don't let some hot shot E-7 act like they know everything but take advantage of some of their wisdom.


Have fun with it and keep a good attitude! It'll take you farther than you think!


Feel free to PM me if you have more questions!

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hey guys. About the AKO account for street to seat candidates. We need to know our "Pay Entry Basic Date" (PEBD) for registration right.


Is the PEBD the "enlist date" or the "BT date" mentioned in our "Successful Reservation Was Completed" document? Or is it some other date?


(I ask cuz the DL phase requires an AKO account which in turn requires a PEBD.)

Your PEBD is the day after your "enlist date". Left for basic November 12, PEBD is November 13

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