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Taking leave during school

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Hello all, my wife and I are waiting on an interview for her citizenship and she cant leave the country until the process is complete so its looking like I wont be taking leave before WOCS. I go to WOCS in September. What opportunities are there during the pipeline to take a month of leave (if any?) and has anyone taken leave out of country during this period? It will be to Korea.


Also, is there an opportunity to take your 10 day PTDY for house hunting immediately after WOCS is complete and would this be advised? Thanks so much for any advice or response!

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you can tale leave during bubbles but, getting a full month of o-conus leave approved might be hard. Their focus is to get you out of here as soon as possible and taking leave is not nowhere near CoC's priority. Leave to Korea requires to be submitted well in advance and class rosters are published every 2 weeks. It's kind of risky even if it gets approved since they can cancel it at the last minute. My leave was canceled the week prior because I was scheduled to class up, luckily it was local leave so no money spent on tickets. Anyways...it is definitely possible but realistically chances are slim.

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