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IBS & WOFT Candidacy

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Hey, everyone!


Donny here, and it's my first time posting. I've been a long time lurker, and have used VR to gather a lot of information regarding WOFT.


A little background of me: Senior in nursing school with an EGD of 10/2019 with a bachelor's degree. I recently found out about the WOFT program from a buddy who is in ROTC. Did my research for hours through here and other forums, and I felt compelled to get my packet started with a local recruiter (wheels are in motion btw :D). My only concern is my GI condition which is IBS-C. I read in the AF waiver guide that IBS is a DQ condition, but can be waived even if reliant on pharmacological therapy. I currently take 1mg of prucalopride (Montegrity) daily, and I am asymptomatic while on it.


I was wondering if anyone here has successfully been through the entire WOFT pipeline and has IBS-C. As a side note, I read that certain prescriptions can be given through the military pharmacy at sickcall during basic. Anyone had experience with this? Any input is greatly appreciated as I'm really looking into pursuing this career path.





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You have a rather specific case, its unlikely that another person on the forum has a specific experience pertinent to your situation.


The best I can advise you is to create a strong packet and hope that a medical waiver for your IBS is approved.


You have nothing to lose other than the time it takes to submit a packet. Take your time, study and physically train to max your scores. Make your packet undeniable in spite of that damned syndrome. Best of luck to you brother.

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