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Helicopters without tail rotators?


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Lately I have been seeing helicopters that have no tail rotator. How does this work?



To gain a basic understanding check out the two links below. The first link outlines the NOTAR system, likely the system you’re seeing. The last shows how other helicopters eliminate the conventional tail rotor. Hereafter, you’ll have a basic reference for specific questions.


The means and techniques used to counter main rotor torque from an engineering standpoint are about the aerodynamics and Newton’s third low, action-reaction. Aerodynamics is concerned with the motion of air and the forces acting on objects in motion through the air. In effect, aerodynamics is concerned with the object (aircraft), the movement (relative wind), and the air (atmosphere). Basic laws of motion, fluid flow, and forces acting on an aircraft.




NOTAR (NO TAil Rotor) Technology


How can a helicopter be designed without a tail rotor?

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