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How much accrued leave is safe to have to avoid losing?

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Hi all,


I currently have over 60 days of leave saved up. My report date for WOCS is in September. How much leave do you guys recommend I take so that I don't have to worry about losing leave the following fiscal year or two? Reason I'm asking is because im not sure how often people can take leave while on the WOFT pipeline.

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You’ll have time during the process to take leave. Two weeks around Christmas each year plus the option on long weekends and in between phases of training. I’d plan to take enough PCS chargeable leave (not including the non-chargeable travel days and ten days permissive TDY) to have your balance at 60 on Oct 1st.

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don't know about others but having a ton of leave days is a must for me. I make it to every 1 Oct with 60 days. and I'm guaranteed to take 30 each year and still have a ton left. surprisingly since PCSing and all throughout flight school I've taken a considerable amount of leave(5 times to be exact). You'll have time to take some leave while in training. I came in with almost 60 days and haven't lost one yet.

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