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Turbine conversion on a Hiller

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So I had a wild thought...why not take a C-18 and put it in a B/C model Hiller? They already put the C-20 in the E models.


Reason for the B/C conversion is the minimal quanity of finite parts on the machine and blades that are very affordable to replace. Which in turn, would make it most likely the cheapest turbine to operate.


But...the couple Hiller A&P's I have ran it by said no because the tail rotor on the B/C's are on the opposite side compared to the E.


I can't quite understand why that is an issue though? Anybody have any ideas?

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It was done on the Bell 47 but they used the 900 Series transmission which was rated for a much higher HP than the earlier 600 Series transmissions.  I'm not that familiar with the part number differences on the 12B/C vs the 12E but I would guess the 12D and 12E are rated for more HP.  Also not sure if the adapter for the C-18/20's would work on the 12B/C transmissions.  I can't come up with an explanation on the tail rotor position but if it is a factor it might be possible to just put a 12E tail rotor on it.  Unless you have big bucks for a STC it's going to end up in Experimental-Exhibition category. 

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