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Australian CPL-H looking to do FAA Conversion... But which school?

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Good Morning Rotorheads/Bladeslappers!!

I am soon to be finishing my Australian CPL-H and am looking to head to the USA to do my FAA conversion as well as my instrument and instructors rating.

I am going through looking at different schools the current 3 on the list are

Mauna Loa Helicopters - Hawaii

Guidance Aviation - Arizona

Hillsboro Aero - Portland/Vegas

I am aware of the approx costs and time frame, but what I am looking for is people who have trained at these schools and what are the Pros and Cons.


  • Course structure/Lesson plans
  • Aircraft quality
  • Instructors, Do you get the same instructor or do you constantly have a new instructor
  • Aircraft Maintenance (can students help the AMEs during free time)
  • Accommodation - Is the school accommodation ok, or is it better to lease somewhere near
  • Area costs/food choices
  • Activities to do with the school out of class
  • FAA relationship- Does the school have issues with the FAA
  • Flyable weather
  • Designated training area's
  • Career Development- Schools all tend to say how easy it is for their X students to get jobs, Is this really the case.



Alot of the schools do offer the possibility to be employed at the end of the CFII training (obviously depending on if they like you enough)

Thanks in advance!!

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