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SUU Aviation Or Hillsboro Aero Academy

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Pick a school that you can and will attend for more than a day at a time over at least 8 month total period. The more days in a row you can show, the quicker that will go.


Pick a school with the airframe you'll be most likely flying after you get your certificate. If that type is in broad use, you start your career with time in type whether you instruct next or not -I recommend instructing, you'll learn a lot if you teach and the better you teach the more you'll learn. Instructing is not for everyone.


Look at the maintenance and availability where ever. It doesn't have to be a big fleet if the maintenance department is good.


Look for depth in the instructors available, try to find the one that has a successful record with people like you. I wouldn't rule out brand new a CFI/I as primary with a good chief instructor and, perhaps other instructors as options.


One all that is nailed down, it doesn't really matter how the school's name is spelled. The hard part comes after that last flight test ride and your certificate- getting the hours while keeping body and soul together.

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Pick a school that will provide you with the best chances of being hired as a CFI when you graduate. This usually means a school with high instructor turnover. IMHO, flight schools attached to a university is a waste of time and money. If you want a degree, attend a collage separate from your flight training.

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So I am also a veteran who is trying to use my G.I. Bill as well to finish my license. I have my PPL, which as i'm sure you know the G.I. Bill will not pay for, and I did it through Hillsboro in Las Vegas. I've heard their school in Oregon is very well organized but my experience in vegas was everything but that. It took me over 8 months to get my license to no fault of my own. I lost my instructor half way through, had to wait 3 months for a new one, and the 1 helicopter they had had to go into maintenance quite a few times over the course of my training. If you are planning on going through Oregon I've heard its pretty good and that they have a good relationship with the VA but if you are planning on doing it in Vegas don't bother and find someone else. I think they ended up shutting down the helicopter program after I got my PPL. Now I'm struggling to continue on with the limited options available to me.

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I have my PPL, which as i'm sure you know the G.I. Bill will not pay for



This is false! The GI Bill WILL pay for your PPL if it's part of a degree program AND the flight instructors are employees of the institute of higher learning. I just did it in 2018 and it's still possible today. The instructors have to work for the college, though.

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Hi everyone!!! I’m new here). I am planning to get PPL in the U.S. And I’m trying to find a suitable school. I would prefer to study in California. Could someone recommend me a school, based on personal experience.

So far I checked these schools:

Civic helicopters

SRT helos


California Aviation services



American helicopters west (Fresno)

And one school in Oregon

Has anyone studied there? Please, help me

Would be glad to any info

Thank you

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