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LASIK Waiting Period

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Good afternoon, everyone.


I am currently in the process of applying for the WOFT program. My vision is horrible, around 20/300 20/400 in each eye. I scheduled LASIK for this coming Friday (I want it regardless of selection), and I had a quick question regarding the waiting period for a physical.


In the new AR40-501, it clearly states I only need to wait 3 months. I've read here, however, that MEPS requires 6 months. I am prior service (currently a drilling-status reservist in the Marine Corps), so will I actually need to do a MEPS physical, or am I only required to take the flight physical from a flight surgeon?


Thank you in advance for any insight.

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If your recruiter doesnt screw you you should only have to do the flight physical, and your most recent PHA will suffice for medical readiness. PM if you have any specific questions as I also came over from the USMC Reserves

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Not sure since I'm not actually there yet, but I had to get a refractive surgery on my left eye, and the flight surgeon and my recruiter scheduled the 3-month post-op for my class 1, and said the MEPS one I already had would be fine since it's less than a year old

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