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Co-op with flight school to get partial ownership??

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Ive had my private license for about 6 years. I only have about 150 hrs all are in either R22 orR44. My goal is to be able to fly more often, and to take the Heli on vacations from time to time. Renting from a flight school is relatively inexpensive, but my use is restricted. I thought about buying/leasing one on my own, but too costly. Tried to find a Heli shared owners group, but there are none. On my own the insurance is too expensive. Any idea on some kind of co-op deal with a flight school? They would carry the bulk of the insurance, and a group of people would guarantee certain blocks of rental hours each year. Should be a win win for both parties. Not sure why there is not more flexibility about helis.

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The coop is called owning your own helicopter, and leasing it back to a flight school. 👌🏻 Not many places, if any, are going to let you fly the helicopter out on vacation unless youre partial owner in it. And youve already stated you dont have the funds for something like that.


Go get your private airplane addon, and buy a cheap planeS your wishes will come true

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