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How long is a flight physical valid when applying to WOFT?

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I've searched all over and found conflicting information between 12-18 months. Just hoping to find out what the actual number is as of today.



Thank you.

18 months is correct, but it is not based on your birthday. I cant remember exactly which one it is but it is either based on the day the physical was initiated or the date it was completed.

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18 months from the initiation date. Mine expires a week prior to my estimated graduation of WOCS, therefore, I am currently in the process of doing a second Class 1 Flight Physical! Your physical needs to be solid for 18 months from the initiation date through your graduation of WOCS. If it is not, you will have to complete another physical or else you can be denied enrollment at WOCS.


Source: I contacted the AEROMED Center down at Rucker directly for clarification since I couldnt find anything in the regulation or Policy Letter about the date that the 18 month time limit starts.

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