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ID of Apache helicopter part


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Hello all. I recently purchased a lamp ( of all things) at an estate sale. The lamp was made from a gear type piece from an Apache helicopter. I was told this was a gift to the owner from the company he worked for which supplied this part. There was various manuals laying around this item alluding to this fact. I bought this lamp for my young grandsons bedroom. I just would like to know. Is this legit? What actual part is this called? Where is it located on the helicopter? Thank you for any insight. I paid 10 times less for it than they asked and I think regardless of it was legit it was worth the 20 dollars. Thank you for any insight!



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Cage code 07482 is the GE cage code. With that being the case I'm going to assume it's a gear from the accessory drive gearbox section of a T700 engine on an Apache (assuming it really is from an Apache). With a better pic of the part number it'd be easy to figure it out.

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