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Recent Rucker physical stamp turnaround time

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Anyone had super quick flight physical turnaround time at Rucker recently? My packet has been prettymuch ready to go since May, but I found out in the last stage of my Class 1 that I needed a refractive surgery on my left eye. I had the surgery and everything is good to go, but my 3-month post op appointment at Carson isn't until September 13 (exactly 3 months later) and the September board date is the 16th. The flight administrator and flight surgeon over there know me now and are super helpful, and I know will send it to Rucker right away (they felt bad for me when I found out at my appointment that I had 20/20 but needed a surgery still). But I'm wondering if there's even any chance of getting it stamped and uploaded for the 16th board date. (Civilian - so I don't have to follow the same initial dates, though I'm not sure if submitting it day of the deadline is a good look either...)

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What you can also do, is have the rest of your packet submitted and as long as you get your stamped physical submitted BEFORE the corrections date you should be fine. Did this with my Battalion Commander LOR since we had a new one taking command. But the most accurate answer will come from reaching out to the WOC recruiting team.

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I would plan not to be making the board in Sept. I had an EKG issue and had to take subsequent heart monitoring test, that said it took about two weeks to process the physical. Silver-lining though, the new fiscal year starts October so acceptance rates should go up but still competitive.

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