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Civilian flight experience questions

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So I am waiting on a board ready status, and am 95% sure everything is completed but still have not gotten the coveted words of "board-ready".


For applicants who have gotten selected and had prior flight experience, what are some flight documents you included in your packet that assist the overall quality of your WOFT packet?


I am going to replace my scanned handwritten flight log with a more professional looking IACRA flight experience spreadsheet. Is this a good idea or does it not matter?


I also have my airmen's certifications in there. Is there anything else that would be within reason to put into the packet?

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I think youre good with what youve got. I would also add your flight hours and any relevant experience into a LoR or your summary. These are the documents that will definitely be seen. I had a sentence in my Company CC LoR that showed my experience (33 hours to help prepare for WOFT). Mine was FQ-S in July with just that blurb covering my own experience.

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