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Initial flight physical question

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I submitted my packet yesterday for the Nov board. I had my packet QA'd by a recruiter with no issues. I recieved an email stating that packets must be submitted within 12 months of the physical initiation date. Ive referenced AR 40-501 which states the physical is good for 18 months. Can anyone clarify this? Or could it be someone read the outdated AR from 2013 that states 12 months.

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The feedback I received and followed was that the physical can be no older than 12 months for the selection board, and no older than 18 by the completion of WOCS. The Rucker physical youll do will be good for 2 years.


Doing a continuation of the 1A physical (If it becomes older than 12 months) is not difficult and is not nearly as in depth as the initial physical.

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That should be a sign for you that tells you you are still good. Trust me I know what it means to get into the gnats ass detail and worry about everything. But do yourself a favor and just ride the wave. You dont need another flight physical until 18 months, also something I learned once I got here is what you have now is just a qualifying physical, once you get here and thru WOCS you will get a student flight physical whether you have 6 days left on one or the full 18 months. For now you are good, focus on what else you can control

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