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PCS'ing for Interservice Transfers

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Quick question about PCS'ing for sister service WOFT applicants.


Upon PCS for BCT is your House Hold Goods transferred into storage before you go to Basic? WOCS? I understand you get actual PCS orders to Rucker for flight phase, my concern is moving my stuff from my current unit and not having to pay out of pocket to move from Hawaii (Current duty station for Coast Guard) to storage INCONUS while in BCT/WOCS


I have also heard that when you separate the departing service will allow you to move your stuff to your home of record. I have a decent amount of stuff and vehicle in HI, so trying to plan ahead.. the recruiting office here seems to not have a great deal of knowledge about it.


If someone that has been in this unique circumstance or has a POC please let me know. Thank you

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I PCSd as an IST but didnt go to BCT so take this with a grain of salt. I believe what I have heard from those that did go to basic was you attend BCT on TDY orders and then get PCS orders to Rucker for WOCS and flight school. I dont think any of them moved their stuff anywhere until after BCT and some even after WOCS. Your mileage may vary

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So you wont get housing at Rucker until after WOCS. Pretty sure after WOBC. Im married so it might be a little different but I had orders to transfer my wife and our stuff to our home of record. Since its a separation. Then my PCS orders you get to Rucker will take my stuff from there. I would assume ( we all know what assuming means) You will Have your stuff shipped by the CG to your home of record ( since its a separation) and probably have to pay for storage yourself until after WOBC.


Have yall figured out how to transfer yalls leave? My YN said that since we are DHS and army is DOD thats its 2 different systems and there is no way to do it. I had a PERS looking into it with no luck either. I gave up and told them just to sell my days but wondering if yall figured it out.

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JD did you ask the recruiter? Mine specifically told me over the phone not to forget to transfer it. Maybe they know something that we don't?

He said he didnt know how but it gets taken care of after BCT... but I couldnt figure out if t was a memo or on my DD214 or separation orders or what.

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