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Harness for Utility Work


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Are you using it for HEC? I ask because depending on the hook system that harness will be part of the STC. If not, your other option is to list it on your special permit. To answer your question directly last I knew the faa wasn’t certifying harnesses and that’s a good thing! If they were nothing would get done and what could be done would be too expensive. Hope this helps. 

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On 12/3/2019 at 2:25 PM, Helipilot779 said:

Just wondering if anyone as experience with a harness for utility work. My company is looking at the 338-ARS Heli -ops one. I’m specifically wondering what the installation process was like and what was needed, if anything to get it FAA approved for the aircraft. 

Your 338-ARS Heli-Ops harness currently holds FAA TSO C-167 approval. The next step is to ensure the helicopter’s external load attachment means meets CFR 27.865( c ) requirements for Human External Cargo (HEC). Mechanical Specialties and Onboard Systems offer HEC upgrade kits for the EC135, 206L, 407, MD500, MD600, etc. These HEC kits include a dual hook arrangement, associated hardware, cables, and controls. Pricing is around $35K, not including any additional airframe modifications that may be needed specific to the aircraft. Notwithstanding, if you’re talking about public use, that’s a different avenue.


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