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Is college required?

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I would like some advice.

i am a 25 year old guy attempting to get selected for WOFT. So far I have...

134 GT


290 APFT

4 LOR’s, 2 are from CW4’s, one from an O4 army aviator and the other from an O5.

But I have zero college credits. Everyone else here seems to be sending a pack with a bachelors degree or at least 50+ credits. Am I absolutely f*cked by not having a degree?

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No you’re not. It’s the overall view of the entire person. Would it possibly help? Yes it would. Is it going to disqualify you? No not at all. Plenty of Warrant officer Aviators in years past have been successful without any college. I suggest just getting it together and submitting your package. That is getting farther than most. Everyone wants a ticket (Being an Aviator) but doesn’t want to pay the price for admission (doing their kit).

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Yea your stuff is way better than mine and I got accepted. No college at all. I did have military time though but the street to seat people have been getting really high selections lately. I would submit it. Worst thing to happen is you don’t get accepted and you try again later. 

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As has been said many times before, don’t take yourself out of the process for fear. Force the board to make a decision. I have plenty of people in my flight school class that don’t have college at all. You’ve got some strong stats so submit!

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