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How updated is the SIFT with aircraft?

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I'm curious if so called older aircraft like the TH-67 and the OH-58 Kiowa are still on the SIFT. I'm going through some study guide books and its seems to be a mixed bag. There's questions that have the UH-72 involved, but then they'll ask for example "Which of the following has been the Army's primary training helicopter since 1993?" and gives the UH-72 and TH-67 as options. The 1993 part makes that one easy but I'm wondering if there could be other less clear questions. 

The one that got me aggravated was "Which of these Army helicopters is the lightest (ie lowest empty weight)?" and gives "Bell Th-67" and "OH-58A Kiowa". I picked the 67 but apparently the A model of the OH-58 weighs next to nothing. It was the only time they added on the A model, the rest of the test simply says "OH-58 Kiowa". I tried looking up weights but it seems sketchy and most websites aren't clear on exact weight for different variants of the same modelIs the test that convoluted?

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Keep in mind that there’s no “official” SIFT study guide and the questions aren’t released in any format, so most of the ones you find online are just people’s best guesses on what the test will entail.

If I remember correctly, Accepted Inc. was the closest, but it still had plenty of stuff in the guide that wasn’t present in the actual test.

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Yeah I took it last week and it was my strongest section I think. It had previous obvious bad choices assuming you knew the difference between a tail rotor and a main rotor. I also studied this section the most I think. 

There were a couple zingers, like the class G airspace, and you had to know slip and skid and the basics but it wasn’t bad.


For the aircraft the questions were pretty straight forward. They had other aircraft on there, including foreign ones and older ones, but it was easy questions, like pick which one is a US Army helicopter. Mig would not be the correct answer...

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