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Flight Physicals stoppage due to COVID-19

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Hi all.

I was on my way to my part 2 and just informed by the local aeromed folks all initial physicals are temporarily halted for now (for obvious reasons). Flight nurse stated even if they could complete the paperwork, Rucker will not be working or approving initial 1Ws. Seems like certain departments/specialties are shutting down too.

Obviously this is only one/two sources of information, but not surprised. I want to see if this is the case for anyone else. If so, hopefully this can be a thread to push info out when they resume.

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Local AAF aeromed says no initials until 30 May now, still subject to change with things going on of course.

Recruiter says they can put in a waiver if I wanted to be in the May board since I already had a previous physical, but I think that will be unlikely.

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This is for part 1 right?

If you are AD (or under military dental in any way), the 2808 and 2807-1 should be it assuming no waivers (such as a CRS/PRK).

If you are civ, there may be an additional DD2813 for the dental to be done by your civilian dentist.

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