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Gazelle flying low level over deserted beach

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I had the opportunity to fly the awesome Gazelle Turbine Helicopter from Ashvan Badul  (Badul Air Aviation) at high speed over the deserted beach.

The Helicopter was built 1973 and has 5500 hours on the airframe, the turbine has been completely overhauled and is considered as new.

1775 units where built and used in the army all over the world

At that time the Gazelle held the speed record of over 300km/hr. (170 kts.),  she can cruise at 270 km/hr ore 150 kts.


The Helicopter weighs only 1000kg (2200 lbs) and can lift another 1000kg (Total take-off weight 2000kg or  2400lbs)

Turbine where available from 600hp up to 850hp

The cost in the seventies was under US $ 200 000  and 50 years later, today they sell for more than US  $ 300 000

Please watch my short video from my flight;  https://youtu.be/TkfZ_sdZUFk

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