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Security Clearance Question, Civilian Street to Seater

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I am a civilian trying to submit a packet for the July Board (deadline in May). I have everything needed in the checklist accept the S2 Security Clearance Verification Review. My recruiter is citing covid-19 for not being able to start working on this. Do I need the recruiter to accomplish this checkbox or can it be done seperate of them? I have a filled out SF-86 form on hand and I remember filling out similar information for them about a year ago. My understanding is that the full investigation takes a few months for the interviews, can the packet be submitted while it's taking place? Whats the most efficient way I can get this done?


Thank you everyone in the forum for all the guidance during this process. 

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I am street to seat and the security clearance I did was a phone interview with a security personnel. They basically go over every address and personal reference that you put for your initial recruitment documents. Has nothing to do with your WOFT package. The recruiter has to call them and they handed the phone to me

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Can confirm.  You only need the Interim clearance, and the rest gets processed hopefully before WOCS.  As long as the SF86 is complete, all you need to do is have your recruiter contact the personnel, and they will do a quick phone interview confirming what you put on the SF86.  After that, you may or may not get contacted again before the investigation is complete.  From personal experience, I was NOT contacted again, nor was anyone on my SF86.  It just depends on the investigation.  

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