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Accruing flight time


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Hi everyone, 

Im considering a career as a rotor wing pilot. I would be pursuing this through the civilian rout. Thus investing a lot of money into my education. From my research there appears to be a difficult gap in the amount of hours needed to qualify for a job such as a medical pilot, utility pilot, or fire. My main goal would be to become a tour pilot which seems to require less hours, but still far more then I would come out of school with. My question is as a cfi how fast are you able to accrue flight hours? Also is the pay of a cfi enough to live on the cheap and service the debt from attending pilot school? 

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It depends on the fligjh school you learn and instruct at. How busy are they? How many students does each instructor have at a time? It took me about 9 months to get out of instructing but that would probably be on the very fast side. Probably plan on about 2 years. And the pay is terrible. its usually between 10 and 20 an hour but only on the hobbs. They might expect you do stuff like make sales calls and clean the hangar but only pay you for flight time. So you could easily make 100 dollars or less a week. A friend of mine had to work two other jobs to get by. I was lucky and actually got paid salary at 40k but again thats extremely rare.

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