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Man I really wish I had the Click remote right about now.

Got board ready after two years of trying. To anyone reading, if you are thinking of putting a WOFT packet it, do it and don't wait. I did and it put me over the age limit. Biggest hurdle are now my w

AD has their own MILPER. Usually it rolls out the week after the board, typically Wednesday to Friday if my research holds true.

32 minutes ago, greyrider245 said:

Has anybody else NOT gotten an answer?

I was told my name is neither on the list of selects or non-selects. This happened the July board and it turned out my packet wasn't turned in from the Bn.

So either the Bn decided it wasn't going to submit it in again, or I have tingling feeling the waivers were denied meaning ineligible for the actual board. I had an age and prerequisite waiver in the packet.

Recruiter is waiting to hear back Monday since they didn't get anything other than the results on Friday evening.

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A little late to the party since the board convened last week but here are my stats:

AGE : 30

RANK : SSG, 10 years AD, 68E

GT : 129

SIFT : 61

APFT/ACFT : 290/593

EDUCATION : BS Sports & Health Science

PHYSICAL : Stamped

LOR : CSM (NCOA Commandant which is O-6 equivalent, O-5, CW5



WAIVERS : AFS ETP (approved), PRK (approved)

Best of luck to all those who applied for the September board. Hoping to see the results later this week.

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