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Marriage and WOFT (flight school)

Guest Jesslee

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Guest Jesslee

Does anyone have any experience with marriage and flight training?  I know several people get married on “paper” before basic or before flight training starts.   Unfortunately that is not doable for my son and his girlfriend if he makes board.   He and his girlfriend have been trying to figure out what they need to do.  His recruiter has no answers.  
So once flight training has started are you allowed a day of leave at anytime to get a marriage license?  How in that year of fight training can you get married in order for your spouse to be on your benefits and duty station orders?   The closer to the end of flight training would be best.  She doesn’t want to stress him with marriage and living there while he is focused on getting through training.   She knows that the better he does the better their future will be.  Any advice or first hand accounts?   



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For the majority of army WOFT it is like any other time intensive job. His weekends will be his and his time not in class or flying will be his, albeit he’ll have to study. 

For what it’s worth, this is totally manageable with a family. Is it demanding? Yes. But I’d say at least half the students here are here with their wives and kids, have time for family, hobbies, etc. It would honestly probably be worse for his wife who likely won’t have a ton to do down here, but that could be anywhere he winds up stationed. 

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