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Point of Contact at Ft. Hood, TX

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Good Afternoon Folks,

I'm in the process of preparing my WOFT packet as a NPS civilian trying to do street to seat for USAR based in Texas (either near Ft. Hood or Conroe).  I've asked my recruiter every other day for the last month if he can get me a number of someone at Ft. Hood so I can start networking there for LORs and a eventually a letter of acceptance to be stationed there.  I've googled and searched around but haven't had any luck getting phone numbers or emails. I had success meeting one prior aviator now Captain from the Army Aviation subreddit for coffee and getting a LOR from him, but he no longer flies and is in the TXARNG so he doesn't have any contacts in the USAR.

Any guidance or suggestions would be incredibly helpful!

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I'm not going to pretend to know the installation access rules anymore since they seem to change every month and at every different post. I'll just say this process takes a lot of initiative to get your foot in the door. Unless you get lucky and someone contacts you, it's up to you to figure most of this out yourself. 


Do some googling, phone calling, find out how/if you can get on post (visitor pass). Usually you need someone to sponsor you I think.


If you can't, I always recommend contacting the posts medevac unit (Google their contact info) since there's always someone around. Maybe send a message to the 1st Cav CAB Facebook page to see if they can direct you. 

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