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Has anyone taken the Helicopter ATP written test recently?

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Has anyone taken the Helicopter ATP written test recently? Been a long time since I took a written, back then you could get an ASA test guide and memorize the questions an answers but I hear the study guides like ASA are not the same questions anymore as the FAA has made changes to the testing process. So I'm curious to get a take on experiences that anyone else has had by studying one of the test guides and taking the actual ATP written.

Thanks in advance.

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On 8/3/2020 at 5:24 PM, helonorth said:

Try Sheppard Air. What most people I know have been using.


Thank you helonorth, appreciate the response. Actually I just took the ATP Helicopter written yesterday and got a score of 90 on it.

I just did what I did for all the FAA written tests that I have taken in the past, used the ASA written test guide and just memorized all the questions and answers. What I found was that there were a number of questions that were not in the ASA written test guide as what use to be the case years ago. Not sure what publications the FAA used specifically to derive those questions from as I had not seen them before, although one question did reference the "Aerodynamics For Naval Aviators" book. One that I had not read before. 

Thank you again for the response and I will pass that info on to any of my friends that will be taking any written tests in their future.

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+1 For Sheppard Air.  I used it for both Commercial and ATP.  Took the ATP about 6 months ago got a 99 it.  The trick to Sheppard Air is that you have to follow their instructions.  If you do, you will breeze through the test.

"Anything more than a 70 is wasted effort"  my college roommates favorite saying.



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