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anyone tried online ground school for helicopters?

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Has anyone tried Helicopterground.com ? They have a lot of positive testimonials on their site. Or do you recommend any other online ground schools? I'm looking to get a head start on my CFI or instrument ground schooling while I have so much time just sitting around the house. (stupid COVID) I already have my CPL.

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I did the Kings school online for my private. Learning from them I was able to ace the written test. The negative was I went to a school that couldn't use their teaching in their curiculum. Going forward I'm debating between Kings and helicopterground.com. 

Kings was dated video and kooky to say the least, but good. I wish their technology was on par with modern standards.


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I joined Helicopter Online Ground years ago before I was a Private Pilot. It was worth every penny. I could watch a video over and over until I understood the topic inside and out. It was good for review before a check ride, but the most use I got out of it was when I did my CFI. Building lesson plans and explaining topics isn't as easy as it seems and I used it for building my own CFI book on my iPad. If you plan to go all the way with helicopters I would recommend it. You will save the cost over time by not having to review with your CFI @ $60 an hour. I also recommend it to all my students and they have no problem passing check rides. So far 100% pass rate. 

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