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Approved Flight Jacket

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Hey guys, dumb question here, but I'm looking for a jacket, and I can't seem to find any that are specifically approved for army aviation. I figured I could save some money here, it doesn't make much sense to have one jacket for civilian flying and one for military flying. Does anyone have info on what is Army approved and what's not, or if in fact there isn't anything approved? 



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3 hours ago, Fabulous Jewfro said:

Man That’s disappointing 

You're just another cog in the machine, no more important to the Army than another soldier sitting in a tank. At some posts you'll be able to wear a unit patch on your uniform and that's about the only "special" thing that would identify you as a pilot. 

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On 10/10/2020 at 5:47 PM, Thedude said:

You won't be walking around wearing a bomber jacket like some air force pilot, just the same camo patterns as everyone else in the Army. 

Do it anyway. Especially as a WOJG. Maintain your ground and assert dominance. Your rater will totally have your back.*



*Rater will not have your back. SP may murder you. Blend in and wear the same gear everyone else has. Help out your unit and they will help you. Void in Canada.

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