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WOFT packet character statement

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Hello everyone I am a street to seater. I recently was told by my recruiters that I need to to write a character statement about myself. He said to just write about what I do in my personal everyday life to validate my character, but I have never heard of writing something like this for WOFT. An example he gave me was to mention if I help people around the community and stuff like that. I have already written my essay and gotten letters of recommendations which I feel like already go over what a self character statement would do. What I am wondering is this actually a thing that’s supposed to be in the packet and if so what is it suppose to look like?

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Sounds like your recruiter is trying to submit a conduct/moral waiver. Have you gotten a traffic ticket or in trouble with the law? If not, just ask your recruiter what's it for.


Conduct (Moral) Waiver - A conduct or moral waiver is required when the final finding of a court or of another adjudicating authority is a conviction or other adverse adjudication such as, but not limited to, fines, imprisonment, placed on probation, paroled or pardoned, or have ever been ordered to deposit bail or collateral for a violation of any law, police regulation or ordinance, including traffic violations involving a fine or forfeiture of $100 or more.  This includes juvenile offenses, expunged dispositions, non-judicial punishments, and courts-martial proceedings.

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