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WOFT Essay/Resume Summary same thing?


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Hello, I have been searching the boards but didn’t find any solid information on this.

I am enlisted and building a packet for WOFT. I am wondering if those of you in my position had to write an essay AND the summary, or if the summary IS the essay?

are they two separate things? I have already written my summary, do I need to also write a separate essay?

Thank you for any info!

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Currently going through the process myself. You'll need to write a cohesive essay as to why you're a good fit for being selected as an army warrant / aviator. What do you mean summary? You'll need to hand write the essay in addition to the typed version, but no, you don't need a summary of your essay if that's what you're asking. The rest of your career will be briefly explained in your Resume and should be reflected in your LORs. 

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