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Currency requirement for hiring in HEMS

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Hi I’m new to the forum, starting the process of figuring out how to get hired in the HEMS industry after retiring from the USCG l have two years left. Unfortunately it looks like my last job before I retire won’t be flying. I’ve got about 4500 hours total time, ATP, CFII, NVG time etc. So here is my question, what are the currency requirements typically for getting hired on for an EMS job? I’ll likely be out of the cockpit for a little less than 2 years but plan on doing some GA fixed wing flying. Might try to find a school that needs an instructor but not sure on that possibility or if I’ll have the time.


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19 hours ago, heeters78 said:

We have float and flex positions at my company (part timers).  Check with the Air Ambulance providers around the area where you will be stationed and see if they will hire you as a part timer.  If you are current now and they want to keep you that way it's a win-win situation.

Which company?

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Kinda late reply, but here goes...

I think you'll be fine. I was eagerly hired and I hadn't flown a helicopter in nearly 5 years.

I retired from the Army on 1 Apr 2020, and I was in an Airline class a couple of weeks into my terminal leave. We all got sent home in mid March due to the reaction to COVID. I went the airline route since I had flown airplanes for the majority of my career and hadn't flown a helicopter since April 2016. I was mostly hoping for a decent quality of life in my semi-retirement. 

So, now my well crafted retirement path was in a shambles. None of the local 135 operators were hiring, and it looked like I would be living on the retirement check until the airline started the training cycle again. Then a friend  who works for Air Methods called me about a local air ambulance position in a Pilatus. Damn thing only has one engine but I tried to look into it anyway, that position ended up being an internal hire so a NoGo. 

It got me interested though. This company had been bought up by Air Methods a few years ago, but has been around here for ages. Before long they announced an IFR EC145 position. I applied, the recruiter reached out to me quickly and went over everything. Called me back within the hour and said they would like to interview me for the position, but they wanted me to get a BFR in category prior to interview.

I did that, went to training in January, and I'm really happy with the job. The Airline called me back (surprise!) for training and I told them what was up. Surprisingly,  they put me on a leave of absence through 2021. I don't think I will be going back though. This schedule is great, home every night, and I enjoy the people, the work and the aircraft I'm flying. 

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