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Class 1 flight physical

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It is not possible to do an initial flight physical in Kuwait because the flight clinic does not have the capability to do the corneal topography.  You would have to be sent out to Kuwait city to do the topography and the clinic is not going to send you because that money comes out of a pot of money for other things such as mris that are much more justifiable and necessary.  If you have gotten a corneal topography done within the last 90 days and have copies of it then you can talk to the flight clinic at Buehring who might schedule one for you.  Also keep in mind that their mission is not to do initial flight physicals, it is to keep aviators current on their flight physicals who are already out there.  They may simply say no. 

Lastly, if you have not already taken your sift test you need to take it before you schedule a flight physical.  Some places may let you slide and do it anyway but per guidance from fort rucker you are supposed to have your sift done before you do a flight physical.

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