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WOFT Essay Advice S2S

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I would greatly appreciate any advice on how I could improve my " Why I Want to be an Army Aviator" essay for my WOFT packet. Thanks in advance. 


I want to be an Army Aviator because I want to be a technically proficient and mission dedicated leader. Being the son of two military veterans, who both served in aviation career fields, instilled in me a love for aviation as well as a desire to serve my country. Aviation has been a lifelong passion for me. As a child, I took every opportunity I could to learn more on the subject. In high school, I applied to a selective aerospace science technical program. Through this program I was able to begin working on my private pilot license. I was the first in my class to pass my FAA knowledge exam and was able to solo twice before graduating. Simultaneously, I joined my school’s Air Force Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps as well as the local Civil Air Patrol Squadron. These activities provided me with valuable lessons in leadership and taught me how to motivate others with confidence and integrity. I quickly earned the Billy Mitchell award which is bestowed to fewer than 15 percent of all Civil Air Patrol cadets. 

During my time the University of Delaware I was able to encourage my affection for education by working towards and receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Animal Bioscience. I saw success in advanced STEM classes such as calculus, physics, organic chemistry, and functional anatomy. I volunteered as the LEAD chair in my fraternity, Sigma Nu. LEAD is an interactive program designed by Sigma Nu with the intention of developing more ethical leaders. I have also served the State of Delaware as an ocean patrol lifeguard with an emergency medical responder certification. This opportunity taught me the importance of staying physically and mentally prepared at all times. I learned how to manage high levels of stress and deal with life or death situations quickly and calmly. 

My experiences in high school and at the University of Delaware have molded me into the man that I am today. I am someone who is dedicated, persistent, excited to learn and technically competent. I take pride in serving my community and hope to further expand that service to my country as a warrant officer and Army aviator. The Army would provide me the opportunity to merge my leadership skills with my love for selfless service. I would be honored to have an opportunity to dedicate my life to becoming the best warrant officer, soldier, and aviator that I can be. 

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