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R22 vs R44 (pedals)


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Hi all,

im wondering if anyone has experienced a problem trying to get accustomed to the 44 after having trained on the 22. 

my instructor mentioned it has to do with the fact that the pedals in the 44 are the only controls not powered by hydraulics. 

does anyone have any tips for getting used to the differences? From my perspective I’ve noticed that the response time if the pedal control is much more delayed than the 22. With the 22, I know that I’m able to stop any left-yaw movement fairly quickly with the right pedal (presumably due to that being the direction/vector of the torque anyway). However, when I try to use the same left-yaw correction with right pedal, it takes much longer to start turning, so by the time I press enough for it to move it begins to create a slight pendular effect as Im correcting the left yaw then the right yaw etc etc etc. 

anyway, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!





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30 minutes ago, TomPPL said:

The longer tail boom length is also a factor in the difference between the two. The more hours you spend flying the 44 the easier it will get.

Okay. Thanks for your input. That’s precisely what I was thinking. That I just need to sit in it more and get more accustomed to the different touch required. Thanks again. 

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I worked a job for 15 years in which I went back and forth, often daily, flying AS350 and any of the 206s, B's and L's. Not only were the Aerospat controls boosted, the main rotor turned in the opposite direction. It could be, uh- 'interesting' on the first lift.

The first time you lift in the novel airframe, do it as slow as possible, then touchdown, also as slow as possible. Think the process through and critique and then plan the next exercise. Going back and forth between Aerospats and Bells, I tried to lift each skid toe, then the heels, get to the appropriate stable hover attitude before I lifted the last skid heel. And that's where the excitement happened on the first lift, not having enough roll angle to hold place....

But I digress- A couple repeats of the exercise was generally enough to start understanding the aircraft tendencies, give me an intellectual base.  Knowing what's gonna happen next and starting the correction before the effect is obvious is the key. The Aerospats tail rotor seemed much stronger and quicker, and with the boosted pedals made it easier to overcontrol, so I worked with gradual anticipatory application, easier to remove an overcorrection than catch a mistake.

The Bells were slower, seemed weaker and the pedals were heavier, but the same technique- anticipate and start the push before the yaw needs correction. Again, easier to minimize, slow the control input than to catch and correct.

Never even sat in a Robbie, so a question that comes from my past- is there a change in pilot seating, R44 vs R22, especially seat height, distance to nose? That affected my perception of what the bird was doing, trends between each aircraft. Just something to think about if it's so. The Aerospats could trend away from desired more quickly than the Bells because I sat higher and had less nose in sight. Just wondering.

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As Wally says, look out the front, do things slowly, react to what you see. Muscle memory can be a hindrance, but if it starts to yaw, stop it. If it wants to roll, stop it. 


I jumped from S76 to B47 to Huey in one day, no problems, as long as I reacted to what I saw. The R22 is twitchy, just squeeze the pedals with toe pressure, heels on the floor. Never lift your heels, or you will overcontrol and fight the other leg.

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