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Help With Navy Warrant Program

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It so Interesting that the Army feels they have the only guaranteed street to seat program. The Air Force, Navy and the Marines has had the S2S program forever. All perspective pilot applicants know they have been selected for pilot training before enlisting for the OTS/OCS requirement. Not obligated if not selected. Of course you MUST have a 4yr degree. No NON college grads in their pilot seats.

By attending the military academies or ROTC you are not guaranteed a pilot slot, you must compete. If not selected, you must serve your military commitment upon graduation.

The Army is the ONLY service that will not guarantee a pilot slot for potential Commission Officers prior to OCS or through ROTC/ USMA. They must compete. Very rare in OCS, basically a crap shoot, OCS fills out the short fills.

But, the Army can put you in the pilot seat with only a HS/GED diploma since 1951 in being a Warrant Officer as we all know.

I view Army aviation as the low hanging fruit. Don't be tempted.  Reach higher, sweeter the reward.

A little military trivia. The USAF is the only service where they no longer have the Warrant Officer rank structure or anyone serving as Warrant Officers since 1992. 

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Yep, I can’t speak from experience for any other branch than the Marines, but they have Air, Ground, and Law contracts. An officer candidate signs one of those contracts upon joining. An air contract Marine won’t know what airframe they will fly until part way through flight school but they go through all initial training knowing they are going to be a pilot. I assume the other branches do it similarly. 

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The Marines and Navy also have Reserve units as well. But you must be a rated pilot when applying. National Guard units in the Navy or Marines do NOT exist.

Whereas in the USAF Reserves and National Guard, you can compete for a pilot training slot before being obligated in serving.

Army Reserves and National Guard are somewhat different. Some units want you to serve first before being selected.

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On 3/4/2021 at 4:39 AM, zaurus said:

Army Reserves and National Guard is somewhat different. Some units want you to serve first before being selected.

Can’t speak to Air Guard, but the ARNG allows states a lot of latitude in how they run their programs. Some states advertise street to seat, others keep it on the DL but will do it for the right applicants, some have unwritten policies on only taking prior service if not current members, while others require membership ahead of time with no exceptions. 

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