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Waiver anyone?

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I'm interested in enlisting in my local ARNG unit, and then putting in for WOFT once in. Let's just assume I'm competitive for WOFT selection to keep this simple.

The thing is, I have a bicuspid aortic valve (heart murmur) with trace-mild regurgitation. It's listed as disqualifying in DoDI 6130, but eligible for waiver consideration to get in the big Army, as I understand.

However, I'm interested in WOFT. If I get into the NG successfully, does that mean I'm likely to also get a waiver for it during my flight physical too, and still be competitive for WOFT selection, or am I basically signing up to just be a helicopter mechanic 1 weekend a month, with no good chance of flying?

Anyone have this, or a similar condition that got approved?

Anyone know of this being the reason someone got denied?

Is there anyone qualified who I can call and get more info about this from?

I already spoke to a recruiter and he just said "I think we can get you in" and didn't know enough to answer further. With all due respect to him, I know he obviously just wants me to enlist.

But I'm not that interested in joining the Guard if I can't at least have a chance at WOFT, or at least a shot at crew chief. With that, is a class 3 flight physical more likely to be approved? Sorry if that last question is a little off topic for this forum.

I know nobody here can "medically clear" me over the internet, but at least knowing that some people have made it, or no one has, would help me get a better idea of what my odds are.

Thanks in advance.

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Read the Aeromedical Policy Letter on heart conditions to see if a waiver will be granted. A lot of the APL’s will state waiver considered on case by case basis for rated aviators with no waivers granted for flight school students. So make sure it doesn’t say that before you do anything you don’t want to do. Also as I understand it there are not classes for flight physicals in the Army, you either have one or you don’t. But an Army flight physical does equal an FAA class 3 

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