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Applying to WOFT before AIT?

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I'm recently enlisted and could use some help.


I have recently enlisted in the NG and have a long term goal of being a pilot. I am doing split training as I am a junior in high school. I will complete BCT in August and will also be 18 by that time and am wondering when the soonest is I can apply. I know I must have a certain waver or have a HS diploma. Ideally I would like to apply and be accepted into WOFT before I begin AIT under a different MOS. I will have about 10 months minimum after basic to get into WOFT.

If you have any information on when the earliest is or if I even can apply in that time period it would be much appreciated.

Any info on the number times I can submit an application would be appreciated as well.



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Your situation is weird and you might want to contact a warrant officer recruiter directly. Since you already enlisted you are likely not eligible for the street to seat application process and would have to complete the rest of the requirements. Being that you haven't actually been to training yet there might be some weird exception. Additionally the application and selection process for state guard units is different than active duty. 

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You need to reach out to the WOSM in your state. Ask your recruiter to put you in touch. 

I can tell you given your age it is likely they will want to see you put a few years in before selecting you. 

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