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Starting this board for anyone getting a first or second look in next month’s (May 2021) WOFT selection board.  This will be my son’s first look.  Stats and thoughts are welcome to be shared!

Here are my son’s stats:

Street to Seat / High School to Flight School

AGE: 17


SIFT: 53

OPAT: Heavy

EDUCATION: Graduates High School Next Month, 3.10 GPA

FLIGHT: 78.8 hours, 19.6 hours solo/PIC, Airplane Single Engine Land (ASEL) Private Pilot’s License

BOARD: May 2021

LORS: Aviation O-8, Aviation CW5, Aviation CW4, Aviation CW4, JROTC Instructor (Retired Artillery CW4), Michigan County Sheriff that has known my son and our family for 50 years

OTHER INFO: 120 hours of volunteer service between three separate civic organizations, 3 Years JROTC

PHYSICAL: Class 1A Physical, stamped

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Street to seat First Look

AGE: 23


GT: 141

SIFT: 71

OPAT: Heavy

Education: B.S. in Pre-Veterinary Medicine & Animal Bioscience

Flight: 28 hours student time with 3 solo flights

Board: May 2021

LORs: O-8, O-6 Retired, O-5 retired aviation, CG O-2 rescue pilot, Flight instructor 

Physical: Awaiting approval

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1 minute ago, Ewoski said:


AGE : 30

RANK : E-7 - 89B

TIS: 9.5 years Active Duty

GT : 121

SIFT : 46

APFT : 292

EDUCATION : 45 Credits, 2.8 GPA

PHYSICAL : Stamped

LOR : O-4, O-5, CW4, CW5 CCWO


NCOERs: 1: MQ, 5: HQ, 1: 2-2

WAIVERS : AFS, Moral (Approved)

How long did your AFS take? Still waiting on mine. Been exactly one months now. 

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