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Lasik before or after part 1 flight physical

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I have been working with a WO recruiter to put in an army flight packet. I am not currently within the standard for eyesight but I am a good candidate for lasik. The guidance I was given was to attempt the part 1 flight physical prior to surgical correction knowing that I would fail the eyesight portion. That way they could rule out any other disqualifying conditions (I don’t anticipate there being any) Then have the surgery and get re-examined. But I’ve also heard guidance that contradicts that recommendation. 

Should I just get the surgery now to save time and avoid multiple appointments with the flight surgeon? Is there any risk in doing so as far as getting medically cleared for vision? 

I know the army would need some sort of documentation from the lasik surgeon showing that the surgery was successful.  Should I just go to the part 1 and get that information from the flight surgeon before lasik? Not sure the best COA here. I appreciate any insight!

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I guess the only advantage to get it after Part 1 is to make sure everything else is passing. If you feel like you’ll pass everything else fine, then probably just get LASIK before messing with the flight physical.

After getting LASIK, you need to wait 180 days (6 months) before you can get a waiver to pass the flight physical. This might be different if you’re already in the military. I had to go to MEPS before the flight physical and they needed it to be 180 days after the surgery.

I also had to get 2 separate manifest refractions 30 days apart from each other. This can be done after 90 days from the surgery. 

If getting LASIK, make it clear from the beginning why you’re doing this and that you need ALL the paperwork by the end of it. 

I had LASIK surgery last September and will be on the July WOFT board. 

Let me know if you have any more questions and you can message me.

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I am a cadet and assigned to the National Guard. I am preparing to fly for the guard upon appointment. I'm looking forward to earning my physical test to be completed by November 1st so that I can qualify for the board. I haven't attempted my flight physical test yet, because I know I can't catch it since I have 21/70 in one of my eyes. I doubt that if I get Lasik eye surgery by a doctor within the next week, will I be able to pass the eyesight of the physical test after 90 days from the surgery? I am anxious that they might exclude me in the name of vision.

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