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Medical Denial then Special issuance. Employable?

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Hi All,

I am hoping to get your advice on how having a denial and then special issuance will affect getting a job and a lasting career.

Long story short, I applied for my Class II medical and it was approved.  Great!  Medical in hand!  A few months went by and I realized I accidentally omitted a hospitalization from years ago.  I had been drinking and went to the hospital.  In and out pretty quickly and didn't think too much about it.  It was years ago and it was a blip on my radar.  Anyways, after months of lawyers, APOA, HIMS AME, etc. I told the FAA about the omission, reapplied for a medical and was denied.  No surprise there.  The FAA said I could go the Special issuance route after completing a laundry list of expensive and time consuming tests and support.  I did all that was asked and was happy to do it.  I definitely understand their position and feel grateful to even have the chance to fly.

I now have a special issuance Class II medical and working towards my commercial and CFI rating.  However, I am not sure how the special issuance or more importantly, the denial, will affect my chances of getting a job in the future.  Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated.  If anyone has been through this scenario please send some advice!

I understand that this was my error that I am having to pay for and am appreciative of the FAA.  I am just hoping from some direction from those in the field already.  I have reached out to a few companies to get their take on the situation but am still waiting to hear back from most.

Thanks so much!




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Many companies do ask. On the application, they will ask if your medical has ever been denied, revoked, suspended, etc. for any reason. I've seen it a lot. People seem to think HIPAA laws prohibit employers (or anybody else) from asking you for medical information. They don't.

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