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Helicopter overhaul on the higher end.


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Typically overhauls for engines follow a different component schedule than the rest of the aircraft (with the exception of the Robinson). Higher end helicopters might have two engines (twice the cost) complex transmission couplers (very expensive to maintain) and so on. So, it depends on what you consider higher end...but yes, very expensive helicopters usually cost more money to maintain across their component lives. 

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Here is an example from online you might use:

Based on 450 annual owner-operated hours and $4.25-per-gallon fuel cost, the EC 145 T2 has total variable costs of $519,268.50, total fixed costs of $276,541.50, and an annual budget of $795,810.00. This breaks down to $1,768.47 per hour.

A somewhat similar ship, a Bell 429, works out as follows: Based on 450 annual owner-operator hours and the same fuel costs, the Bell 429 has a total variable cost of $432028.12, total fixed costs of $133,285.00, and an annual budget of $565,313.12. This breaks down to $1,256.25 per hour. 

I honestly don’t know enough about the P&W engine vs the Turbomeca engines to say which has a better overhaul schedule. 


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Luckily, I ended up running into a person that met the criteria of 'Rich corporate meeting go-er' but unfortunately he didn't own the helicopter instead leased it. I did get a rounded off hourage of 505 hours a year STRICTLY in business usage(3 hours back and forth every 4 days a week, Lack of usage during Vacation accounted for). So if someone owned one, I'd assume they'll put in about 50ish hours in recreation. 

So the EC145 T2 Would cost around 981,500$ a year and the Bell 429 would cost 697,218$ a year.


I wonder what type of money a person has to bring in annually to justify flying over half the country almost every other day at the cost of 500,000$-1,000,000$ per year

Over the course of 10 years (The general life-cycle of a Heli before an overhaul is needed) the EC145 T2 would cost 18,215,000$ (Price new + Budget x 10) while the Bell 429 would cost 13,372,180$

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