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Canadian Trip

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I'm a CPL holder in N.Z training to be an instructor and planning a trip to Canada to knock on hanger doors and would appreciate any info anyone might have on what part of the country would be the best starting point or better still any company names.(It's just an idea at the moment and any related tips would be appreciated)


Any help would be sensational!!

Thanks Anyone

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If you do come to Canada. I would say the western part of Canada would be best. You have the mountains, trees, and also I believe offshore/utility operations.


If you would like to be an instructor in Canada. I will give you some flight schools in British Columbia, and Alberta.


Okanagan Mountain Helicopters


Great Slave Helicopters


Valley Helicopters Ltd.


British Columbia Helicopters


Those are just some flight schools in the western part of Canada. I hope I answered your request. I wish you the best of luck in finding a job as an instructor. Let us know how it turns out.


Take care,


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