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Transitioning from Blackhawk

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Probably going to upset some folks but I just want to know the likely hood of transitioning a Blackhawk to an Apache. I got selected for 60s but I came from a 64s background. I would like to get back there eventually. I heard stories of people doing it from their days. I just wonder if it's possible now in this modern age of Army Aviation. I wonder if I could do it if I re up since I'm still on the 6 year ADSO instead of the 10 year. 

Any Advice or suggestions. Or telling me it's not going to happen. 



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It is almost unheard of and extremely rare and unlikely to ever happen, but not entirely impossible. There is also no "re-up" as an officer, there's just simply not putting in your retirement or resignation paperwork. The end of your ADSO is not an ETS date like when you were a joe it's just the date you are allowed to ask for permission to get out if you want to.

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29 minutes ago, mike0331 said:

You can/will still incur an additional ADSO if you accept a school though, right? 

Yes, as well as promotions and some assignments and PCS moves. They will run concurrent though with your flight school ADSO, so if you PCS to Hawaii (3 year ADSO) out of flight school and then in year four go to IPC or MTPC (one year ADSO) you still won't owe anything additional on top of the original flight school ADSO. 

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3 hours ago, Spitfirepeter said:

Do you remember what they did to get that chance?

I have a friend who is just wrapping up 64 AQC after coming over from 60s. You’ll have to send a memo and 4187 to HRC and will incur a ADSO. PM me, I’ll give you my .mil and get you in touch.

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I was one of the few that was able to transition from 60 to 64, within my 6 year ADSO. I actually did it just before the three year mark, so I really didn’t incur any extra time.

It was kind of a one in a million shot that I actually got the ability to switch airframes, at the time 64s were extremely low manned and I guess that HRC wanted to get some extra bodies with aviation experience over quickly. More or less from there a few CABs each got a slot to send one 60 guy to AQC, with the condition that they return to that specific CAB to fly in the same local area, etc.


It required months of patience and quite honestly a lot of badgering my CCWO and HRC (at one point I more or less got a cease and desist email from HRC haha). I was actually told eventually that the transitions were cancelled and accepted that it was never going to happen. Then about two months later, my BN SP called me and asked if I was still interested because apparently a slot opened and because I was the squeaky wheel, I was asked first if I still wanted to do. I accepted and have loved flying the Apache ever since. However, I do still love the 60. Both have really great attributes and others not so much

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