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Helicopter transfer to Fix wing

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Hello, I am a helicopter CFII and I have 680 hours. Now I want to transfer to fix wing and I know I need 1500h. I have two paths: one is to quit my job and start training to get all the licenses for fix wing and become a CFI to teach student and get the hours; Or I can stay with my company build my helicopter hours and also training in fix wing and meet the minimum requirements. But I don’t know if  more of the helicopter hours will help me to find a job or the fix wing company will like people who has more experience in fix wing. And the second plan will save a lot of money. Please give me some advices. Thank you for helping me.

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If you are in the USA stick with your heli job and get yourself as close to ATP mins as you can.  Look it up in part 61 and do your best to get that flight time.  There’s a strong possibility the regional airlines will start back up the rotor transitions and you can apply and get them to help with your training costs, and get your foot in the door to the fixed wing world.

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